13 August 2011

Mood Fabrics

Recently, my friend and I went into New York City to visit Mood Fabrics, which is the fabric store that is frequently featured on Project Runway. I wanted to go there because I promised to make her a dress, and she had to pick out the fabric. What better place to find fabric than the Fashion District?

Mood was absolutely amazing! There were big bolts of fabric in every direction. I was literally gawking at everything like a tourist. There was so much selection of any type of fabric you could think of.

There were three floors: upholstery and then two floors of fashion fabrics. They were even relatively reasonably priced. The two fabrics that we purchased we got for $10 a yard, which is relatively what I would pay at home. (Besides the cost of the train tickets to get into the city). Mood also had a great selection of buttons and other notions.

Another great thing that I loved was seeing all the other sewers who were in there as well. It was amazing to be around people that have the same passion as I do. Overall, it was a great adventure in the city.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I live in a rural area and we do not have such treasures like this. Keeping posting about your excursions and we'll follow online.